No, we are not closing down!

Well, certainly not yet, and hopefully not at all. What is happening is that Durham County Council are looking at more ways of reducing their costs and have started a consultation process on the future of the community buildings they support.

At the moment the county council take care of the building itself and the grounds while we pay for heating, lighting and costs involved in keeping the village hall running. The council’s favoured way forward is by way of an amended lease agreement, transfer all responsibility for repairs and upkeep to community organisations such as the village hall association.

The consultation process runs until the end of the year, during which we will be given more information about the possible ways forward and what hurdles we need to overcome if we are forced with the option of taking over the complete running of the hall.

Closure remains a possibility if the council decides to continue with it’s current plan at the end of the consultation process and there is no group able to take over the running of the hall and all the work and funding it will involve. Once we have all the information from the council we will be making sure everyone in the community has a chance to have their say on the future of the hall and will be looking for the best ways to attract volunteers and funds.

Some information is available from the community buildings consultation section on the county council website.

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