Northumbria in Bloom 2012

This year Low Pittington (Silver Award 2011) and Littletown are entered in the same smallest community category/size and High Pittington (Bronze 2011) in the next larger category.

I am inviting any residents of High Pittington who are interested in undertaking some initial planting to meet me at the Pittington Village Hall at 10:00 on Saturday 31st March and/or Monday 2nd April for a couple of hours to begin the process of planting up the all of the planters.

The 36 new wooden planters were made available to us last year as a result of Taylormade Timber generously donating the materials, being built by Gordon Brown and myself and then filled with compost and located with the very considerable efforts of Stafford Smith from Littletown around the three Villages.

Once again my thanks to all who made this possible.

Initial NIB2012 judging occurs in April and for High Pittington this will be on the 17 April from 10:30-11:30am starting from Pittington Village Hall.

The two NIB2012 Judges will walk the Village (accompanied by any interested residents) to get an impression of how it looks now, in early spring, and then they will return to assess the improvements made by the community in the mid summer at a date to be confirmed.

Please let me know you can spare some time either now or at a later date to help support the community to improve the look and feel of the Village.

In Littletown (Cllr Andrew Sowerby, Marion Allport and Brian Fenwick) and Low Pittington (Cllrs Bill Kellett and Robin Newlove) are co-ordinating the community planting.

Pittington Parish Council have generously given £300 towards the initial planting but I will be looking for additional funds and contributions (money, plants, compost, time for planting and on-going watering/aftercare) from any willing person and organisation.


Alan Charlton
Vice Chair, Pittington Parish Council
Chairman, Pittington Village Hall


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  1. Littletown, Low Pittington and High Pittington are continuing to participate in Northumbria in Bloom again this year.

    Preliminary scrutinisation for Low Pittington and Littletown will take place on 4th April. and that for High Pittington is on 8th April 2014 with the final Judging fort all three villages commencing at the beginning of July.

    The new Parish Council are keen to hear from anyone who is interested in helping the three villages prepare for judging in any way they can. A meeting of volunteers will be arranged shortly. The Parish Council can be contacted through their new facebook page or through the Clerk Amanda Sutherland – 07415009431 – or the chairman Cllr Andrew Sowerby – 07514431867 –

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