Southbrook House to Close

The final report by Durham County Council into Community Rooms has proposed that Southbrook House, High Pittington be closed with immediate effect and that Durham City Homes will be allowed to redevelop the property as they see fit.

The full report which can be found here considers the future of 55 communal rooms in County Durham goes before the DCC Cabinet on 24th July. While most of the rooms will continue to be maintained by housing providers, and some will even receive extra support from providers, Southbrook House is one of two currently active properties where  “the housing provider would wish to take immediate action to convert into living accommodation to help meet the high levels of housing demand, to demolish or find an alternative use for the benefit of local tenants.”

Unlike the original report into Community Buildings which proposed asset transfer for both Pittington Village Hall and Southbrook House, this report gives no option of asset transfer. DCC justify their decision bases on the relatively low usage of Southbrook House and it’s proximity to an alternative venue.

2 thoughts on “Southbrook House to Close

  1. What an absolute disgrace. It gets used all the time during weekdays. I wonder if they know that their is a private flat above with tennants in. They can’t demolish what’s not theirs!!!!!!

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