Pittington Autumn Show – Saturday 15th September 2018

Pittington Village Hall Autumn Show 2018 will be on Saturday 15th September.

Entries to be received between 9am and 11am. Show opens 1:00pm Presentations 3:00pm

Pittington Photography Club will be staging another exhibition of their work.

This year’s competition categories are:


  • Onions, shallots or leeks (3 examples)
  • Potatoes, Carrots or other root veg (5 examples)
  • Courgette, squash or cucumber (2 examples)
  • Funny shaped vegetable
  • Biggest marrow
  • Hard fruit e.g. apple, pear (3 examples)
  • Soft fruit (5 examples)


  • A sponge cake
  • Four scones
  • Home made jam or preserve


  • Knitted Item
  • Stitched Item
  • Crocheted Item

Children (under 11 and 11-16, include age with entry)

  • Any painting
  • A lego creation
  • Three crispy cakes
  • Best decorated gingerbread man
  • An animal/monster made of fruit or vegetables


Under 11 years old:

  • My favourite picture

11-16 Years of age:

  • Sparkle and Glamour


  • Scenic