No, we are not closing down!

Well, certainly not yet, and hopefully not at all. What is happening is that Durham County Council are looking at more ways of reducing their costs and have started a consultation process on the future of the community buildings they support.

At the moment the county council take care of the building itself and the grounds while we pay for heating, lighting and costs involved in keeping the village hall running. The council’s favoured way forward is by way of an amended lease agreement, transfer all responsibility for repairs and upkeep to community organisations such as the village hall association.

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Welcome to our new website

We are launching a new website with a focus on encouraging interaction. This website is built on WordPress, one of the world’s most popular blogging and commenting platforms – perfect for you to have your say about your village hall.

The next few months are going to be crucial for the future of the hall and we feel that giving you the ability to let us know what you think is important in making sure that we are going in the right direction!