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  3. I do not live in the village but know it well.
    I had an idea that in order to meet communal needs and with everything going online from government to shopping, an outreach programme could be supplied by a librarian (or volunteer) from Durham City Library to teach information literacy skills, i.e. seeking and searching for information.
    You would firstly need to make enquiries as to whether a computer lab is available for outreach (or people could bring their own laptops or i-Pads) and then determine what those needs are in the form of a survey, distributed in the same way as your communication survey, i.e. online help for unemployed, over 50s, students, non-working mums, childminders, etc. (you could think of more and provide a space for ‘anything else you would like help with’).
    A course could then be set up to meet the needs of the largest group to be piloted with a small group, giving feedback for improvement.
    The new library at Seaham runs computer courses in their well-equipped computer suite, should you wish to find out more. The one I happened to listen in on last year was for beginners learning actual computer skills, as opposed to information literacy and searching online.

    • Sorry, just to clarify when i said ‘computer lab for outreach’, I mean those ones where laptops are kept on a trolley to mobilise to wherever needed.

      • Hi Margaret,

        Thanks very much for that – the mobile computer lab sounds like a good idea for that type of course, I’ll look into that. We are currently arranging for broadband to be installed at the Hall to enable us to run a range of IT courses, assuming we get enough demand.

        We ran a survey last year asking what type of courses people would like to see ran at the Hall and IT courses were among the most popular.



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